-Order of the Artists from left to right-

Arel (Arel & Schaefer)



Our founding member LauterBach is known for its versatility behind the decks. From downtempo and world music to deep house to techno you can find a lot in his sets and podcasts.

So far you could meet him mainly in clubs like Harry Klein, where he can be found regularly with his series of events NachtEin.TagAus, the Rote Sonne, the Bahnwärter Thiel, the Pimpernel or the Gruam. 


Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall is a DJ, producer, promoter and co-founder of NachtEin.TagAus. Born in Britain, he has been living in Munich for a number of years, where he is best known as a resident in Thiel.

His sound stands for the playful mixture of melodic textures and organic percussions, the combination of which he affectionately calls „Space Disco“.



Our producing talent „Nesstor“ is known for his ear for details and delivers great deep music that for sure will find its way around the world, ready to heal.



Duygu Ezgi, her names mean feeling and melody. Being a psychologist by day and a dj by night she is following her destiny by combining deep, vigorous and emotionally melodic tunes to take you on a journey that will make you float away.